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2018 Shamrock Sprint Results

April 9, 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Shamrock Sprint winners!

1 Mile Fun Run Race Results

Female age 2-12 Rebekah Wilson 

Female age 13+ Caroline D’Hemocourt

Male age 2-12  Brad Marrero

Male age 13+ Mason Lyons

5K Race Results

Overall Female Allison Bodet

Overall Male  Frankie Durio

MASTERS(Female age 40+) Breck Trevino

MASTERS(Male age 40+) Patrick Sellen

GRAND MASTERS(Female age 60+)Eligious Wunsch

GRAND MASTERS(Male age 60+) Dave Dessauer

Age 2-14 Female

1st Place - Sarah Kate Hendry

2nd Place - Corinne Bosch

Age 2-14 Male

1st Place - Harrison Weisinger

2nd Place - Roth Passauer

Age 15-19 Female

1st Place - Molly McHale

2nd Place - Ellie McHale

Age 15-19 Male

1st Place - Patrick Elliot

2nd Place - Henry Elliot

Age 20-29 Female

1st Place - Rachael Yanke

2nd Place - Carly Keller

Age 20-29 Male

1st Place - Blaine Rivers

2nd Place - Kyle Yanke

Age 30-39 Female

1st Place - Jennifer Callais

2nd Place - Tonya Richardson

Age 30-39 Male

1st Place - Will Huff

2nd Place - Edward Washburn

Age 40-49 Female

1st Place - Leslie Boockoff

2nd Place - Jamie Boudreaux

Age 40-49 Male

1st Place - Jeff Boudreaux

2nd Place - Jared Bosch

Age 50-59 Female

1st Place - Andrea Bresette

2nd Place - Roberta Beckers

Age 50-59 Male

1st Place - Bob Monahan

2nd Place - Greg Sinclair

Age 60-69 Female

1st Place - Lisa Rustemeyer

2nd Place - Karen Cowhey

Age 60-69 Male

1st Place - AJ Sommers

2nd Place - Michael Richardson

Age 70+

1st Place - Betsy Veneziano

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