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2018 Mississippi College Lady Choctaws Alumni Soccer Match

August 25, 2018


Mississippi College’s annual Lady Choctaws' alumni soccer match was as usual, a hoot. Players from previous years’ varsity soccer teams come and play the current women’s varsity team. While the current varsity won this year’s game 8-2, the alumni put up a good fight. Kelly had played in the 2012 game which I attended, and thoroughly enjoyed (to demonstrate the level of camaraderie and good will at these games,one of the alumni in 2012 was pregnant. She trotted out on the field just to take a couple free kicks!) Kelly missed the 2013 game as she had just succumbed to her anaplastic astrocytoma and was getting a shunt put in to relieve the pressure that weekend.

Mississippi College honored Kelly after her passing by putting her jersey up on the field for all to see. I make a point of getting pictures of Kelly’s teammates, coaching staff and friends alongside her jersey. This year I was lucky enough to get all three. Kelly attended MC for two and a half years, and I had never seen her happier. As a transfer from GCSU, she was welcomed with open arms. She loved her teammates, the coach and staff, the teachers and administration at MC. My experience was the same as Kelly’s. They are as fine a group of people as I have ever met. I absolutely love seeing all of them, and sharing pizza or wings after the games, and sharing stories of Kelly. Thank you all! Go Choctaws!

Alicia, trainer for the Lady Choctaws
Kelly's teammates Nicole, Kaileigh, Lauren and Meghan in front of Kelly's and Ashley's jerseys.
After the alumni game, enjoying Fox Den's pizza with teammates (l to r) Nicole, Lauren and Meghan.

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